Brady Cameron personal development is a philosophy for living life the way you want by providing mental tools for you to use in order to achieve your desired goals. We are a mental training system of success.

Brady Cameron personal development was developed by Grandmaster Brady Cameron who is a 10th degree Black Belt in the martial art of Kempo-JuJitsu. His rank and title were honorably bestowed upon him by Soke John Kanzler of the Eastern U.S.A International Martial Arts Association.

Grandmaster Cameron has been with Grandmaster Kanzler for nearly 10 years. In total, Grandmaster Cameron has been in the Martial Arts for just over thirty one years—as of 2012.

Mr. Cameron has been a huge explorer and researcher of psychology and personal development throughout his entire Martial Arts career.

Mr. Cameron has read over 1,700 psychology and personal development books, and has attended well over a hundred personal development and Business seminars. Mr. Cameron came to conclusion early on that personal development training should be like Martial Arts training in this regard:

• There should be an “end” in mind.
• There should be specific goals that should be attained.
• There should be specific information and wisdom extracted through the art of participation and empirical evidence.

Therefore, Brady Cameron personal development is not a Martial Arts training school in the traditional sense of physical fighting movements. This is, however, more of a mental training program that honors and utilizes the colored-belt ranking system of the Martial Arts in order to pay tribute to your growth and advancement as a Mental Black Belt student.

More simply put, when you achieve new levels of success, you also receive rank that acknowledges what you’ve earned.

Each belt rank level represents a level (or degree) that you have advanced mentally—by taking control of your life in a more conscious manner. Therefore, the higher you go in belt levels, the higher your conscious degree you demonstrate in your life.

For a quick reference, there are 9 levels of degrees (or levels of evolution, as we call them) in your training at the Initiate Course level, which is the beginning point for all new students. To help understand the techniques and to make sure of their proper application, you have a skilled Master Instructor with you at every level of your Mental Black Belt training.

Currently, the highest evolution (degree) you can obtain is that of “master” ranking (at 5th evolution). However, you decide how far you go with your personal development—and that’s it.

One of the most interesting things that Brady Cameron’s Personal Development offers is the ability to own your own Brady Cameron Personal Development Institute. This privilege, of course, has to be earned. In order to qualify for your own personal development Institute, you have to be at least a 2nd evolution (2nd degree) Mental Black Belt.

That training usually takes around 12 months to complete and obtain. However, there is another delivery system that allows you to qualify in about 6 months. If interested, just go to the main “home” page and download the “How to Become a Brady Cameron personal development Institute” booklet, and it will explain all the details for you.

Currently, Brady Cameron Personal Development teaches adults 18 years and up. Soon, we will have classes available for teenagers by either mid-summer of 2012 or at the end of the same year.

In closing, there are absolutely no beliefs or commandments in Brady Cameron’s personal development that you must adhere to or follow as your way of life. Your adventure through your personal development training is all about you finding—through your own experiences—your personal truth and the path that works for you. We simply supply guidance, mental techniques, and systems for you to use in order for you to get the results in life you desire.

There are no long-term contracts to sign (like at gyms and martial arts schools—or like when buying a car). You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All your personal development classes come with an unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

E-mail us to schedule a time to talk with a Master Instructor, or call us at 702-248-8501, or go to our front home page and click the “Schedule Yourself for 2 Free Mental Black Belt Classes” button.
Remember, nothing happens in life until you make it!

—Grandmaster Brady Cameron